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LVE Home & School Club

Mission: To support our principal, teachers, & staff of Lucas Valley Elementary. To build community connections between the school & families by running virtual and on-campus events.

Values: Community • Trust •  Equity • Joy • Optimism


Welcome back!

Hello and welcome new Lucas Valley Elementary parents!!

The Lucas Valley Home & School Club (LVE HSC) would like to welcome you & your family to the 2022/23 academic school year.


Who are we? The LVE HSC is a group of parent volunteers who are here to support the principal, teachers, & staff of Lucas Valley Elementary. We do this by running community events, helping to fund programs like drama, campus beautification projects, subsidize technology needs, and hold many social fun gatherings at the school for the kids. We never ask for any donations from families - the vast majority of the funding for everything we do comes from our one-day-a-year “walk-a-thon” where families get to sponsor a student's laps in a fun outdoor race.

How can you get involved? We have a board of directors for the LVE HSC, along with many event leads, but we can always use the help & expertise of our parents to help us achieve our mission. Whether it’s coming to talk to our school about a specific skill you have, manning a booth at an event, or helping to set up a swag table, we are stronger with your involvement.

Reasons to get involved: Meet new people, participate in the school community, see your kids in their natural learning habitat, and stay apprised of all our current ongoing and upcoming events!


Have questions or want to connect with us?


Go Lucas Valley Lions!

Erin • Erica • Virginia • Karsson • Crissy • Noelle • Lilian • Katie

HSC Board Meetings (2022/23)

Note: All mtgs are at 8:30 am behind (or in) the aftercare building. Click on the month to see the newsletter. Notes are from the monthly meeting.

Executive Board

Erin Deeds

Erica Gendreau

Noelle Italiano

Virginia Janos

Financial Secretary
Crissy Sauter

DEI Co-chairs
Lilian Ojeda & Katie McDonnell 

Communications Director
Karsson Hevia

Amazing Volunteers

Lucas Valley Wear
Alonya Van Rooyen

Lucas Valley Garden / Chickens
Alex Stadtner, Rustie Kaster, & Erik Burke

Book Fair
Shital Petal

Room Parent Coordinator
Karsson Hevia

Yearbook Team
Need your help

Will Anderson, Franco Ruggeri