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The Pride Family Letter, September 7th, 2020
Posted 9/5/20

"Fall seven times and stand up eight."

--Japanese Proverb--

This is a fantastic and appropriate proverb

Heatwaves? Fires? 
Virus? Virtual learning? 
Killer Hornets?
Put that all aside,
and take some LVE student advice:

Stand right back up
Go get some ice cream
Soak up the beautiful world around us
And smile!

This photo is inspiring to me...

We need to envelop ourselves 
with more positive moments 
than ever before.


Brilliant start to the school year with fantastic attendance reports and positive, smiling, and engaging faces!


Reminder, that when your familiy needs to step away from town for a spell, continue to have your children log onto their Chromebooks, join their class, and get some of that work done. Our new virtual world allows for that to happen. Stay present throughout this period as every moment with their teachers is critical.


I could not be prouder of our LVE families helping our youngest learners get to those zoom gatherings on time and helping them get situated and focused. Photos below show that effort! Please do send me shots of your children working at home. 


Having said that I know how hard this has been for our working families and we all continue to sympathize and look forward to the moment when it is safe to return your children to our campus.



Physical Education (Asynchronous)

Art (Asynchronous)

3-5 Music (Synchronous and Asynchronous)


All codes and links will be passed to you by your chid's teacher


Thank you for donating to our very important campaign. If you have not done so yet, it is not to late. Click here and make your donation. There has never been a more important time

Making it work with the resources available.
Collaboration defined! 
Heartwarming photo...


KINDERGARTEN AND 1ST GRADE FAMILIES: Thank you for your patience regarding ipads and Chromebooks. We are close to acquiring them. So many folks across the country trying to get their hands on them as well. Few more days... 


REOPENING SCHOOLS UPDATEAs we continue to plan for a safe reopening of schools, the Marin County Office of Education provides regular informational webinars that guide our planning. Click here (Willis video) to watch the latest webinar explaining the governor’s new tiered reporting system and how it informs the way we will safely return to in-person instruction

Hire this dude, now! Resume Skill sets: 
"Critical thinking, Creativity, 
Media literacy, Technology literacy, 
Flexibility, Patience, 
Leadership, Initiative, 
Perseverance, Productivity, etc. 
CHECK! Check! Check!

OUR AMAZING SCHOOL COUNSELOR: I would like to take this opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) myself to you. My name is Amy Allerheiligen (aka Ms. Amy) with Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) and I am happy to be returning as one of the Elementary School Counselors at Lucas Valley Elementary. I so enjoyed being part of the Lion Den last year working with this kind community of parents, teachers, staff and students.  


As a school counselor, my primary responsibilities are to support the social/emotional needs of students who may be experiencing a challenge that is impacting their school life. I offer virtual, weekly individual sessions with students and work closely with parents and teachers whom I view as partners in this process. We are also able to offer group counseling on various topics if and when we are back in person.  


If this challenging year is causing extra stress for you and your family, you are not alone. Please join my virtual workshop on Stress and Resilience coming soon (details to come).  And if you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to email me at


As for me, my passion for children has been with me since I can remember and led me to attend graduate school at Dominican University where I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2003. I have six years of school counseling experience with students ranging from grades TK-12th and have found my sweet spot with the K-5th graders. What I love most about working with elementary age children is their naturally curious and playful nature, and their ability to live in the present moment (something I strive to do but am not always successful).  And, I really value the opportunity to provide early intervention and support to children which can help them into the future. 


All the best,



Three ways to help your kids success at distance learning 


"children are great imitators. so give them something great to imitate" 



FROM THE DESK OF OUR SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST: Christine Shields, our school psychologist, has prepared wonderful short video for you that focuses on setting up routines and behavioral expectations, teaching expected behaviors, and modeling and promoting emotional well being.  

This young lady exudes positivity 
wherever and whenever! 
Illustrating that 
"Solution Oriented" attitude!

An epic week 1 of the 2020-2021 school year is in the books! Shout out to all of you parents and kiddos we made it through. 


The first ever virtual LVE HSC meeting happened this last Wednesday with some parents joining in virtually. We will be switching to zoom next month so keep an eye out for the invite.  Lots of cool things were discussed, including updates from our AMAZING garden team, LVE Spirit Wear, New Family Zooms, Kinder Family/Parents Zooms & A monthly BYOB Parents Zoom. 


Some notable things for the week:

  • We are looking for room parents for each classroom. Mostly this will be for some emails that we will be sending out school wide. But we are looking to have some help coordinating Paw Print Art projects for each class and for the 5th graders the legacy tiles. If you are interested please email your teacher and let them know. 
  • 5th grade promotion coordinator to work alongside our 5th grade teaching team to create an insiring and memorable close for our graduates. 
  • Do you want to work in the garden/orchard/chicken coop? Please reach out to us and we will provide training in a socially distanced space.
  • Coming soon our pre-orders for new LVE Spirit wear! We will be adding a trucker hat, some new shirts and a new color logo for the sweatshirts. Get the inaugural LVE spirit wear online now. 
  • A new section called Paw-ventures will be debuting on the site soon. Here you will find all sorts of outdoor adventures in Marin county and the Bay area. Do you have a spot that you and your family love visiting? Do share!
  • Feeling a little overwhelmed? want to be able to talk it out with other parents??? coming soon to a living room near you... we will be launching next month an HSC sponsored monthly parent only BYOB zoom, where parents can gather virtually and help each other out. 

Have an awesome 3 day weekend!

Sivan, Sandy, Franco, Crissy & Noelle


SITE SPECIFIC PROTECTION PLAN: Link to the website. I will be tinkering with this document with our administrative team, sharing with our site council, and continuing to update it this week.


REMINDERS WHEN ON OUR LUCAS VALLEY CAMPUS: To protect students, families, and staff, there are several new safety protocols in place on campus:

  • All staff, students, and family members must wear a mask and maintain social distance at all times. 
  • At this time, families should only visit the campus via an appointment, a call ahead, or your teacher has shared pick up times for items. Please call the office if you have questions but please refrain from dropping by.
  • When entering, use the photo app on your phone to scan the QR codes taped to the entry doors and windows around the campus and complete the brief health screening. If you are not cleared, please reschedule and make a virtual appointment.
  • Observe all signage around the campus.


This photo evokes many emotions 
but most of all it personifies 
our new normal (for the moment) 
and the extraordinary 
creativity and perseverence 
required of both Mrs. Cunha 
and one of our youngest learners. 
Much love to them both!

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES: Google Paret Support Kit, Family Engagement Kit, and Google FAQ's


SOCIAL EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FOR FAMILIES: Helpful tips for parents from our school psychologist, Christine Shields.  She has an easy way of explaining simple routines to support students and families during remote learning. 

Supporting Families During Distance Learning


LIBRARY OPT OUT FOR FAMILIES: The Miller Creek School District and the San Rafael Public Library are partnering to improve access to educational and recreational materials by providing every student with a free San Rafael Library card.​ ​Only fill out and return this form if you DO NOT WANT a library card for your child. This must be returned by September 30th, 2020 (See attachment included).



WHAT: Run or walk anytime, anywhere between September 12th to the 20th, inside (treadmill) or outdoors. You may use any GPS tracker (RunKeeper, Strava, Nike+, Garmin, Runtastic, Apple Watch, etc.) to record your distance. And you can update and add to your mileage total every day! This is a great way for parents to make this event part of their child’s daily exercise program and kids will have fun watching their distances “grow”. 


COST: $25.00 per person.


WHEN: Saturday, September 12th to September 20, 2020.


PURPOSE: Funding vital programs for over 1,900 students in the Miller Creek School District, specifically Technology, Physical Education, Art, and Social Emotional Learning at our elementary schools and Counseling services at Miller Creek!


It is also super healthy and great modeling for our children!



Monday Lunch Service: The MCSD provides weekly lunch kits to students who participate in the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. The weekly lunch kids are distributed at Vallecito on Mondays between 12:00-1:00. To apply to the Free & Reduced Price Meal Program for your student, please visit the Lunch Program website at,


WEEKEND TIPS: Stay safe this holiday weekend and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Health officials discourage social gatherings with people who don’t live in your home because these get-togethers, even small ones, increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. Health officials offer the following tips for a safer celebration:

  • Hang out with members of your household
  • Outdoors is much safer than indoors
  • Wear a cloth face covering 
  • Stay home if you’re feeling sick 
  • Communicate beforehand on what protective measures will be in place
  • Avoid crowds
  • Leave the party or gathering if someone seems sick
  • Be extra cautious in the days before gathering with others

Let's conclude the letter 
with an extraordinary time 
we all remember that was not 
that long ago. 
We will get back there people. 
We will return to this...