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The Pride Family Letter, September 14th, 2020
Posted 9/12/20

1 of 360 little Heroes at LVE
The natural world swirling around her
Peculiar colors in the sky
Searing days, distancing
Alarming news casts
Anxieties and stress
And yet
She remains
peacefully carrying on

Working on that colorful spinner
The most important thing 
She can and should be doing
Lingering in that moment
In the present
With the natural world
Swirling around her

Week #3 has come and gone

Keeping on keeping on! With the infusion of our Physical Education, Art, Library specialists, and 3-5 music teams as well as our new online assessments this past week, we are slipping into the heart of our work with great vigor. 


I was inspired by our teachers in their classrooms this past week bringing their energy and working to inspire children. I captured a few photos here for you. If you have photos of your children at home, please share them with me so we can begin to capture their efforts in these unique times.

Ms. Dye rocking her combo class 
with a calm and reassuring smile
and eternally positive outlook...

3rd Grade Music Specialist update: 3rd-grade music will share the same lesson this week as shared last week. This, as many students across the district experienced technology challenges with the initial lesson and google classroom. If your child was able to take part in that lesson, fantastic and it is ok to revisit again this week. We want to make sure that all students have a chance to engage in it. Thank you for your adaptability and flexiblity.



WHAT: Run or walk anytime, anywhere between September 12th to the 20th, inside (treadmill) or outdoors. You may use any GPS tracker (RunKeeper, Strava, Nike+, Garmin, Runtastic, Apple Watch, etc.) to record your distance. And you can update and add to your mileage total every day! This is a great way for parents to make this event part of their child’s daily exercise program and kids will have fun watching their distances “grow”. 


COST: $25.00 per person.


WHEN: Saturday, September 12th to September 20, 2020.


PURPOSE: Funding vital programs for over 1,900 students in the Miller Creek School District, specifically Technology, Physical Education, Art, and Social Emotional Learning at our elementary schools and Counseling services at Miller Creek!


It is also super healthy and great modeling for our children!

John Lewis and his courage: His story is so deeply moving and inspirational on so many levels. He will be missed. 

“If not us, then who? 
If not now, then when?" 
- John Lewis -

Should this not be the mantra for all of our children, for all of our future leaders?  


If you have not seen this short tribute video to Mr. Lewis, I encourage you to take pause, watch, and listen. Each time I learn a little more. He will be missed. I came across this in downtown Mill Valley the other day among other art works.

Clint Smith: This 4 minute Ted Talk video is moving. Mr. Smith speaks to finding your voice in this "Culture of Silence" we have so long lived within. When, for example, something is said in one of your circles and it feels wrong, don't roll along with it. Say something. Speak up for others and model this for your children.


Yes, there is a risk but it is difficult to argue with the route of honesty. I experienced a similar moment recently and it moved our relationship in a positive direction. But I also accepted that it might not have but it was a risk worth taking and being honest with others and myself, that will always feel good and right. Please take a moment to listen as it is worth every moment Danger of Silence.


30 Day Anti-racist Challenge: I encourage you to step into this personal challenge. Free, relevant, thought provoking, and brings into view another lens. I am enjoying each of the challenges...


Every day a new challenge is emailed to you, providing unique  

"...opportunities to cultivate mindfulness and daily practices centered around equality, justice, and humanity as you integrate The AntiRacist Table Core Principles into your life. Engaging and interacting, the daily lessons infuse videos, readings, reflection, meditation, and other disciplines".

Mr. Peregoy ensuring all students
are connected, engaged, and
emotionally present


Site Council InformationAgenda and minutes from our initial meeting this past week. All parents are welcome to join us each month. Links provided to those who are interested and the agenda will be posted each month. 


School Specific Site Protection Plan: This is our guiding safety protocol document during this COVID -19 era.   We will be working with these 30 points throughout the year and adjusting as we see the need and learn more from our Marin County Health Department.


On Tuesday, September 15th, our Board of trustees will review the documents at all sites, ask questions, which may result in further changes. Agenda: But for now, our SSSPP provides a fairly clear safety blueprint for our school and resides on the front page of our website and in a hard copy form in the front office when we return to live instruction.


Reopening Schools/County Update: I do believe on Sunday we may hear from our Marin County Health and Human Service folks about what tier Marin will reside within. That will profoundly impact school reopenings, especially if we find ourselves in tier 2. Stay tuned and we will update you along the way.


Understanding the colored tiered system

COVID testing Information

FAQ's - Good information


Social Media Alert: Although elementary students are often insulated from the challenges young people encounter with social media, we are aware that children are on social media sites at younger and younger ages.  If your child is on social media, please read this important communication from the Miller Creek Middle School counselors regarding a troubling graphic video on Tik Tok. It is best to keep this from your children as the information is heavy, but certainly important for families to be aware of.

Miller Creek Middle School Communication 9/11/20


Mrs. deGuia, decked out 
with her 
inspiringly creative 
technology lab...

Technology Applications to be familiar with: The following programs are those we have actively searched and carefully vetted for months to provide students with practice opportunities. In addition, these programs provide teachers valuable assessment information needed to monitor each student's progress. This in turn allows them to differentiate their approach as they learn more for the results. Many have adaptive pathways meaning that once a student takes their initial diagnostic assessment, the program immediately places the student on a pathway starting at the level they land on. 

  • Freckle Math
  • Freckle Language Arts
  • RAZZ
  • STAR
  • Imagine Learning

We are also providing ongoing professional development for our teaching teams as well as our Home Support Classified teams. We are learning like you, as we go, so not all the answer s are here, but we are working to fill gaps as we see them. Much to learn still but grateful for our teachnogy team who helped pull this together over the summer months!



Reminders when on campus: To protect students, families, and staff, there are several safety protocols in place on campus:

  • All staff, students, and family members must wear a mask and maintain social distance at all times. 
  • At this time, families should only visit the campus via an appointment, a call ahead, or your teacher has shared pick up times for items. Please call the office if you have questions but please refrain from dropping by.
  • When entering, use the photo app on your phone to scan the QR codes taped to the entry doors and windows around the campus and complete the brief health screening. If you are not cleared, please reschedule and make a virtual appointment.
  • Observe all signage around the campus.


Mrs. Shaver using any and all tools 
at her disposal... 

An epic week 3 of the 2020-2021 school year is in the books! Shout out to all of you parents and kiddos we made it through. 


Some notable things for the week:

  • We are looking for room parents for each classroom. Mostly this will be for some emails that we will be sending out school wide. But we are looking to have some help coordinating Paw Print Art projects for each class and for the 5th graders the legacy tiles. If you are interested please email your teacher and let them know. 
  • 5th grade promotion coordinator to work alongside our 5th grade teaching team to create an insiring and memorable close for our graduates. 
  • Do you want to work in the garden/orchard/chicken coop? Please reach out to us and we will provide training in a socially distanced space.
  • Pre-orders for new LVE Spirit wear ere sent out last week! Get the inaugural LVE spirit wear online now. 
  • A new section called Paw-ventures will be debuting on the site soon. Here you will find all sorts of outdoor adventures in Marin county and the Bay area. Do you have a spot that you and your family love visiting? Do share!
  • Feeling a little overwhelmed? want to be able to talk it out with other parents??? coming soon to a living room near you... we will be launching next month an HSC sponsored monthly parent only BYOB zoom, where parents can gather virtually and help each other out. 

Have an awesome weekend!

Sivan, Sandy, Franco, Crissy & Noelle


Mrs. Caceres creating 
an invitingly rich 
learning sphere...

Technology Support:

Google Paret Support Kit

Family Engagement Kit

Google FAQ's


Social Emotional Support: Helpful tips for parents from our school psychologist, Christine Shields.  She has an easy way of explaining simple routines to support students and families during remote learning. 

Supporting Families During Distance Learning

Mrs. Kersnick, reaching her children 
through that mindfulful place, 
bringing her ever calm persona 
and love for what she does.


Monday Lunch Service: The MCSD provides weekly lunch kits to students who participate in the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. The weekly lunch kids are distributed at Vallecito on Mondays between 12:00-1:00. To apply to the Free & Reduced Price Meal Program for your student, please visit the Lunch Program website at,


Weekend Tips: Stay safe this holiday weekend and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Health officials discourage social gatherings with people who don’t live in your home because these get-togethers, even small ones, increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. Health officials offer the following tips for a safer celebration:

  • Hang out with members of your household
  • Outdoors is much safer than indoors
  • Wear a cloth face covering 
  • Stay home if you’re feeling sick 
  • Communicate beforehand on what protective measures will be in place
  • Avoid crowds
  • Leave the party or gathering if someone seems sick
  • Be extra cautious in the days before gathering with others


How about this one from the vault!
 Mrs. Nau! Is your child in here somewhere?