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Lunch Program

Ordering lunches has never been easier!
Información del programa Lucas Valley Lunch
Your Lucas Valley Home & School Club is partnering with family favorite local vendors such as Marinwood Market and Gaspare’s to bring delicious, fresh lunches to your student. This program is a fundraiser for the Lucas Valley Home and School Club.

The menu will change monthly – Registration for a new session opens on the 15th of each month and closes on the 25th.
Lucas Valley Elementary has chosen to use Boonli for our online ordering system that allows you to view the lunch menu, order, prepay, and manage student lunches from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Get Started

Go To - (please bookmark this page)
Click 'Create an Account'
Password for our school is: LVE1
Create an account- add profile for your student & repeat for siblings. 
Note- you must select your student's teacher in their profile. If you already have an account, please add the teacher to your profile.
Click 'I’m Done' and Sign In

Quick Tips

 We are now offering monthly ordering or for 3 months at a time (currently Oct-Dec Menus are available).
Once you add an item to your cart, you can click the star next to the item and it will add that entree to your cart on all the days it is offered that month.
The window to add, select, and change entrees is between the 15th & 25th of the month prior.
We have a limited selection of entrees that can be ordered throughout the month - we called them "last-minute lunches".
The deadline to order "last-minute lunches" is Sunday at noon for the following week. 


Lucas Valley Lunches is a fully volunteer-run program that helps fund the Lucas Valley Home and School Club.
Volunteers prepare vegetables and fruit daily and/or serve during the lunch hour.

It is a fun, relaxed way to see your child during the school day while also contributing to our school and the community. 

Pick a shift that works for your schedule to prep and serve lunch -11:30am-12:30 pm 

To find out more information about Miller Creek Districts Free and Reduced Lunch Program please go to:

​Questions? Email the Lucas Valley Lunches Team Lead