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Room Parents

Room Parents 2019-2020

Teacher Class Parent
Shaver  TK 

Karsson Hevia

Katie Carrier


Jessica Hamman

Rory Stenbeck


Gabby Sharp

Leah van cleve

Jessica Hamman

Costello  K/1/2  TBD
Reddick 1

Sivan Oyserman

Megan Hutchinson

Camarda  1

Erika Gendreau 

Emily Erlingsson

Shaw 1

Noelle Italiano 
Hallie Higbee
Michal Walters

Osterman/Sullivan 2 Karsson Hevia
Erin Butler
Peregoy 2 Ingrid Myers
Kersnick 2 TBD
deGuia-Bumgarner  3 Lynsey Dear Cullen
Caceres 3 Lorin Sylvia
Lauren Wenzel
McGee/Nau 3/4/5 Heather Asker
Hough 4/5 Kelly Phipps
Katie Acosta
Stephanie Dusinski
Dye 4 Julie Mastalerz
Jennifer Thompson
Liebman 4 Jacki Berringer
Brooks Nguyen
Naughton 5 Erin Butlerem
Sonia Lastreto
Harrison 5 Christina Buck
Ramona Zeno
Natasha Smith

Room Parent Materials    
Room Parent Handbook 2019-2020 
Volunteer Description
The primary role of a room parent is to provide support and assistance to the teacher. The room parent(s) should talk with the teacher about how he/she would like to work with room parents, parent volunteers, and other classroom help. Every teacher's needs are different! Then, using that information, the room parent(s) can develop a plan for the year that directly addresses the teacher’s unique needs and preferences.
As a team, the room parent(s) are responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Facilitating classroom parties (planning, communicating with parents, running the events, cleaning-up)
  • Coordinating classroom volunteers (creating sign-ups, coordinating the class loop duty, helping facilitate a schedule, communicating the schedule to parents, confirming volunteers before their shifts to ensure full participation)
  • Organizing drivers for field trips (overseeing sign-ups, confirming volunteers, checking with parents and the office to be sure all district-required 'Driver Information Sheets' are on-file for drivers before the events)
  • Planning, communicating, and acting on teacher appreciation activities (birthday, teacher appreciation week, end of year gift)
  • Helping to ensure clear, timely communication between the teacher and parents regarding activities, events, and needs in the classroom
  • Assisting with classroom-related administrative tasks, such coordinating student book orders and/or helping with special projects
  • Responding to and/or organizing assistance for ad hoc requests (e.g., classroom clean-up days, requests for supplies, etc.)

Please note: Specific responsibilities may vary by teacher.