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Lion Council (Site Council)

It is the mission of the site council to monitor the health of our school community. On an annual basis, site council reviews and updates the Single School Plan for Student Achievement, the School Safety Plan, components of the LCAP, Academic and Social-Emotional support programs (Mindfulness, Equity and Inclusion, Next Generation Science, and Accelerated Reader), Campus Beautification, Garden, Data Analysis, and so much more!

2019-2020 Lion Council Team

Parent Representatives:
Sandy Stern, Jason Lau, Arlo Seaver, and Dan Sauter
Staff Representatives:
Anne Shaver, Chris Whitten, Tracey Osterman, Nicole Camarda, Jackie Berringer, John Peregoy, and Will Anderson


Meeting Dates and Agendas
Children are most welcome
Monthly meetings are held on Tuesdays after school
2:45-4:00 pm - School Library
Anyone may attend but only Lion Council members cast votes and determine agendas
Click here for the general description of the Site Council noting that Site Council responsibilities vary from state to state. For example, our team does not make decisions regarding finances as it has in the past.

2019-2020 Site Council Dates

Tuesday, 10th (Notes)

Tuesday, 8th (Notes)

Tuesday, 19th

Tuesday, 10th

Tuesday, 14th

Tuesday, 4th   

Tuesday, 10th and 31st

Tuesday, 14th

Tuesday, 12th